Yeon-Mi Park: Talks about Human Rights Activists

Yeonmi ParkApart from being popular as the girl who escaped North Korea, there are other interesting facts you must understand regarding Yeon-Mi Park. Some of these include her education, as a celebrity, reporter, and so on.

Since she escaped, Yeon-Mi Park spoke and wrote publicly about her life while she was still in North Korea. She also wrote some articles for Washington Post and was interviewed in The Guardian. She also volunteered for some activist programs like Freedom Factory Corporation, which is considered as a free market think tank located in South Korea. She is also part of the LiNK or Liberty in North Korea. This is a nonprofit organization that rescues refugees from North Korea as well as resettle them to South Korea and US.

Last June 2014, Yeon-Mi Park participated the LiNK summit that was held in Pepperdine University. Yeon-Mi Park along with two other North Korean activists, Seongmin Lee and Joo Yang, worked in sessions or labs for them to educate the participants about the North Korea conditions and how it would give support to each refugee. Yeon-Mi Park has taken the role for LiNK campaign that was referred to as Jangmadang. This is the term used for black market in North Korea. This is where people may exchange goods that were smuggled in North Korea. During the campaign, she always wanted to record her story on video. The campaign operate until Fall 2014.

Yeon-Mi Park spoke about the tourism of North Korea as they are encouraged to bow to Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II’s statues. She thinks that it’s a way to help the propaganda of regime by letting themselves to be portrayed that they obey their leader. Yeon-Mi Park also told her story at various events like Oslo Freedom Forum, One Young World summit, and many more.

Yeonmi ParkWhen her education matters, Yeon-Mi Park serves as one of the human rights activists as well as a celebrity while finishing her education in South Korea. She enrolled at South Korea’s Dongguk University as a third year student and focus only on criminal justice. As a celebrity, she is renowned as Park Ye-ju and can be seen on a TV program referred to as “Now On My Way to Meet You”, which is a chat show combined with musical and talent quest broadcast. This TV show also revolves about the truth in North Korea. The defectors are giving different insight to South Koreans about their lives in North Korea.

Yeon-Mi Park also worked as a host in a particular talk show, which is called North Korea Today. The podcast focuses on discussing topics in North Korea and the life of every refugee after escaping. She also volunteered for the chance to let the world know about the North Korean refugees and how people can take action when achieving their freedom.

Other than being a host, a celebrity, and activist, Yeon-Mi Park also takes pride from being a reporter. Her role is to write about the events in North Korea. Yeon-Mi Park also became a staff of New Focus International by working as a reporter. This newspaper company is operated by Jang Jin-sung, a former propagandist in North Korea. Together with North Korean defectors, they utilize connections from the defectors for them to get credible information from the country of North Korea to publish and write articles about the different issues related in the said country.

Nevertheless, like some known personalities and celebrities in the industry, numerous individuals criticized Yeon-Mi Park and think that various aspects of her story are not credible. Nevertheless, according to Yeon-Mi Park, her inconsistencies are due to her imperfect English and mistranslations of her statements.

Andrea Doven Said Communication skills are Very Vital and Needed During Interview

Andrea DovenCommunication is considered as the heart of every organization. Everything that you do in your workplace results from communication. This is the reason why listening, writing, speaking, and writing skills are essential if the tasks are always done rightly and goals achieved. As you take the next level of your career, there are many reasons why communication is essential, most especially during an interview.

According to Andrea Doven, you must have good communication skills during an interview to make sure that your application letter is read or acted upon. And for you to acquire the job that you have always dreamed of, you will need to communicate well during an interview. Communication also plays an essential role when you are doing your job well. You will have to discuss concerns, work in teams, interact with clients and colleagues, and request information. If you want to achieve effective teamwork and cooperation, Andrea Doven also said that having skills on good human relations are important. In addition to that, as your workplace became more global, there are numerous factors you should consider if you want to communicate well in a diverse environment.

Andrea DovenThe quality of communication skills possessed by an individual determines how successful he or she will be in the future. The communication skills of an individual also dictate the fact that how well he or she may put across his or her views to the person he or she is talking to, regardless if it is through email, in person or telephone. That is the reason why Andrea Doven always highlight the significance of good communication skills when at work or during an interview. You have to take note that your success lies on how effective you can communicate. Thus, if you want to become a leader of your chosen niche, see to it that you have good communication skills.

Communication skills are very vital and needed during interview. It is because that your interviewer will check on how effective you are when it comes to communication. Therefore, if you like to land on your dream job and get hired, always pay importance to your communication skills. If you require guidance, Andrea Doven is the finest professional who can give you a hand. With her expertise and years of experience in training and hiring professionals, you can be assured that she has everything you should know to have communication skills, which will provide you an edge, letting you to set apart from your competitors.

James Barbour Featured a Guest Star

James Barbour James Barbour is a professional and most respected Broadway actor and singer. He was born on April 25, 1966 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He graduated from Hofstra University In the year 2007, James Barbour performed the role of Sydney Carton in a world premiere pre-Broadway musical adaptation of Charles Dickens entitled “A Tale of Two Cities” at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, Florida. Last January 2015, it was announced that James Barbour would take the role of Phantom in the Broadway musical called Phantom of the Opera. Apart from this, James Barbour was cast once more as Sydney Carton in the Broadway musical adaptation of “A Tale of Two Cities”, which opened for preview on August 19, 2008 at the Al Hirschfeld Theater in New York. In addition to this, James Barbour also starred on Broadway Tony Award-winning nominated shows. These include Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Stephen Sondheim’s Assasins, Urinetown, Carousel and Jane Eyre wherein he was nominated for Drama League Award.

At Sardis restaurant in New York, James Barbour started a holiday concert series in the year 2008. Every performance of James Barbour featured a guest star and these guest stars include Kevin Earley, Marc Kudisch, Marla Schaffel, Deborah Gibson, Natalie Toro and Brandi Burkhardt. Due to the success of this concert, Sardi’s ask James Barbour to create another concert which he made a Love Songs concert. The concert featured huge numbers of Broadway classics wherein more people love it. The concert was later extended to more performances as a result of excellent sales. Just like the Holiday Concert of James Barbour, this concert also included guest performer in every performance.

James Barbour The guest performers include Kevin Greene, Jeff McCarthy, John Schuck, Andrea McArdle, Robert Cuccioli, Patrick Page, Paige Davis, Todd Murray, Lee Roy Reams, Constantine Maroulis, Laura Osnes, Julia Murney, Lauren Kennedy and Jenny Powers. The guest performers of James Barbour in his concert were announced one by one. It was announced on his official blog. He completely decided to repeat his Holiday concert last 2009. The Holiday concerts were held in Los Angeles and New York. The Los Angeles performance was held at The Colony Theater. The New York performance was held at Bill’s 1890 Restaurant and Café. In the year 2010, James Barbour decided to expand these concerts to six cities.

James Barbour co-founded Laughing Dog Entertainment with Steve Binder. In terms of his personal life, he was married to fellow performer named Dana Stackpole. James Barbour gives benefit concert for his Alma Mater. Hofstra University was the school James Barbour graduated. James Barbour received the Drama Leagues, Outer Critics and Drama Desk Awards nominations for his starring role as Sydney Carton in the 2008 Broadway production of A Tale of Two Cities. James Barbour also won the Sarasota Magazine best actor award for this role. The Broadway actor and singer is also the host of the internationally acclaimed radio show known as The Star Power Hour. He also create content for the VoiceAmerica Internet television network.

He is well known in his remarkable portrayal of Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre. His roles are truly awesome. James Barbour has been an Artist Committee Board member of the Actors Fund of America since the year 2000. At that point of time, James Barbour performed huge numbers of charitable fundraisers. He wants to support the Fund and Broadway Cares and Equity Fights AIDS. Last 2009, he completely decided to give a benefit concert for The Actor’s Fund of America at Finesteins at The Regency in New York City. Last year, James Barbour gave a fundraising performance for Scientology.

Roland Frasier: Creating the Best Ad to Sell your House

Roland FrasierSelling your house can be a lot of work and can be frustrating. People sell their houses in various ways. They sell their houses for many reasons. Here is some of the probable cause why they tend to sell their house:

House upgrading. Homeowners sell their houses for them to move into a better place. One reason for upgrading the house is promotion from work. Since they will have bigger income, they can afford to buy bigger houses. In addition, they will move to a larger home in case there is an addition to the family in which their current home cannot accommodate them all. You can contact Roland Frasier here

House downgrading. Most of the people who moved out from their bigger homes are the older ones whose children are all grown up and have their own lives. Another reason for house downgrading is unemployment.

Need for money. Emergencies do happen. There are times when people urgently need money and all they have left is their property.

Change in the neighborhood. We change neighborhood because of our jobs mostly. There are companies who offers job from different locations or even different companies so the homeowner decides to sell their house.

If you are ready to sell your house but don’t know how to do it, Roland Frasier will be teaching you on how to create the best ad to sell your house considering the current market. Creating an ad involves a lot of effort so you need to have a lot of patience.

The first thing to take note of is how to gain prospect buyers. You need to get their attention. Roland Frasier said that one of the most important things in the ad is the headline. Good headlines tend to get the buyers curious and make them read the full content of the ad. They should make the buyers think and act fast.

Roland Frasier

It is better if the whole content can be explained by just a few words or sentences. So that the reader would not find it boring, it is best to keep it short. Pictures and other information about the house should also be included. Buyers would like to have an idea on what the house looks like for them to decide on whether to contact the homeowner or not.

With the increasing competition in the real estate industry, it is best to find a way to attract more prospect buyers. Roland Frasier has taught others an efficient way of marketing your house by knowing how to create the best ad out there.

Fantastic Achievement of Roland Frasier

Roland FrasierRoland Frasier is a man that is not only skilled in businesses and in marketing fields. He is also highly specialized in real estate as well. He started selling and enhancing the insights of the people about real estate when he was only eighteen years old. His teenage age makes way for him to enhance his real estate careers. He was able to execute appropriate real estate processes along with business investments that would greatly inspire people. He held real estate, security licenses, insurances, and buyouts in terms of prudential securities while he was still in college studying in law school.

After finishing his studies in law school, Roland Frasier started out creating his law practice that greatly helps the people. His idea quickly grew and developed immediately into an exceptional firm in all areas of San Diego providing excellent and convenient services to the people. This effectively helps the people in providing convenient services to all the people. This is even much helpful to those business owners, entrepreneurs and even in those marketing clients. While he was helping the clients with their real estate properties and all types of business and marketing strategy, he was able to spare time helping the people enhancing their networking, communicating and even joint ventures skills.

Roland Frasier started helping the people through himself. He was able to enhance his own joint venture skills transacting with his clients. He also evolved some of his greatest skills in practicing laws in terms of selling and buying different kind of companies. He also executes repositioning processes in whatever types of businesses of the people. This is towards giving them successful and very progressive type of business in return. Roland Frasier also helps the people acquire the best skills in direct marketing responses such as copywriting infomercials, mail companies, and other projects of the company. Come and Hop Over To More Roland Frasier Website

Roland FrasierThe career of Roland Frasier is really an amazing and very admiring one because of his continuous transactions to some larger companies all over the world. He also acquires clear and impressive negotiation to all other major hotels in San Diego.Part of the greatest achievements that he was able to create is more of running international hedge funds that aims to help those needy people who really wanted to excel in businesses, and even in dealing with real estate properties and transactions.

His real passion in business and real estate as well as putting deals altogether which makes way for people to look for the best business that would help them acquire success and progress in their life. He is known for his special skills in copywriting, marketing and even in negotiation. This specialty really plays an important factor in putting his name to a great achievement. He is very professional in businesses, marketing and in all other real estate fields. Roland Frasier is not only thinking of his own benefits but more of the essential things for the people. That is why, people are continuously admiring him with his excellent achievements in his life and in his career.

Experience the Best Concierge Medicine Service By Dr. Jim R. Eells

Dr. Jim EellsAlso known as retainer medicine, concierge medicine refers to a relationship between a primary care physician and a patient wherein the patient pays a yearly fee or retainer.As a replacement for the annual fee, the physician will render personalized care to this patient when needed.The physician must provide superior care via chiefly consigning to restricted patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for every patient.

In addition to retainer medicine, concierge medicine is also known to many calls. It can also be called as membership medicine, direct care or cash-only practice.Whilst the entire exercises of concierge medicine share likeness, they still differ in many aspects. Extensively, they differ in their form of operation, structure, payment and requirements. At present, the field of concierge doctors keeps on growing. It substantially progresses for the benefit of many.A lot of people these days like to attain personalized and accessible care that is why they are looking for concierge medicine doctors.

A 51-year-old general practitioner in Las Vegas Nevada in the name of Dr. Jim Eells certainly provides such concierge medicine.If concierge medicine is conventionally linked to the words wealthy and expensive, Dr. Eells is one of the premier healthcare physicians in Las Vegas, Nevada who provides reasonably-priced, personalized care to his patients.He is one of the new generation doctors who renders personalized care to patients who like to get to know their physician better and anticipate to receiving complete health care for a price within their budget!

Dr. Jim EellsThrough his perseverance and intelligence, Dr. Eells successfully finished medicine. He acquired his degree from the medicine school of the University of Nevada.He gained his board certification in 1989. The American College of Physicians gave this to him. Before enrolling to a medical school, Dr. Eells is degree holder Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology.Since the year 1992, he is a qualified physician. Having a good educational background, he’s really good at work. It is not unpredictable that he has the full capacity to offer concierge medicine.

With his twenty years of working experience within the field of medicine, he has already claimed numerous recognitions which involve America’s Top Physician, Compassionate Doctor Recognition and Patient’s Choice Award. Overall, he ranks as an excellent doctor to most of his patients.As said by his patients, Dr. Eells has all the good qualities that a doctor must be. He is concerned, welcoming and always interested to listen.

What Is the Business History of Neil Dhillon?

Neil DhillonNeil Dhillon is a talented as well as highly skilled public affairs professional who served as the frontline voice of numerous Fortune 500 companies, influential figures on a domestic and global scale, and government firms. His resume is also loaded with exceptional business credentials, which complement his experience with the titles like Senior Vice President and Managing Director. His great work has also graced some industries and brought the leaders and public together to attain unity.

Neil Dhillon PR Post

Neil Dhillon served at Hill and Knowlton as the Senior Vice President. He was responsible for maintaining a personal business portfolio of $5M with exceptional annual growth. He also led the practice of the company as the Agency of the Year for six years. After working at Hill & Knowlton, he served as US Director of Public Affairs for the Financial Dynamics Communications. He retained and identified government firms across Africa and Asia to improve the global offering of the company. He also provided professional testimony training to several CEOs before he appeared at congressional oversight committees.

Neil Dhillon also served at Ruder Finn as Managing Director in which he led a large group of staff while making an interaction with client Board of Directors, CEOs, and communications staff on lobbying, crisis communications, and lobbying. As a Managing Director, he also helped in securing the top tier interviews with media for his clients. Some of the interviews he secured were with different most influential media in US and these include NBC Today Show, National Public Radio, New York Times, 60 minutes of CBS, Washington Post, Good Morning America of ABC, and CNN.

Neil DhillonAnother responsibility at Ruder Finn was to offer strategic counsel to the client communications staff, CEOs, and Board of Directors. He also helped them know and manage public affairs, crisis communications, lobbying, and corporate communications. For businesses like Ruder Finn that concentrates on tons of issues cover each aspect of communications and lobbying, Neil Dhillon was the perfect and best professional operate its office in Washington DC.

Neil Dhillon also served at MSL Group as Managing Director and Head of Government Relations. He handled the daily activities at its office in the state of Washington. He also does budget forecasting and handle client management. He also led worldwide and domestic public affairs programs and offer expert intelligence to clients on advocacy, lobbying, thought leadership, issues management programs, grassroots, third party alliances, regulatory, and so on.

Strategic Marketing Plan – Tips for Presenting It

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Once you considered to present a strategic marketing plan to your business’ executive team or investors, you’re actually selling your ideas to them rather than reading all the details in your plan. A good presentation utilize skills learned from teachers, salespeople, and actors to be both persuasive and memorable. Let your audience obtain the details of your plan by reading it whenever they want to. Once you are presenting your plan, always be confident and engage with your audience right from the start of your presentation in generating enthusiasm and support.

There are several tips on how you can present a strategic marketing plan successfully. Grabbing the attention of your audience from the start of the presentation is one of these. You can use a powerful graphic or image when representing the goal of your plan, the customer or the product. If possible, it’s always wise in presenting dramatic statistics that underscore the need for suggestions in your plan. These could include placing declining sales figures, some metrics that illustrate your point, and customer attrition.

AbrahamOnce you got your audience’s attention, engage them in your presentation through asking some questions about what you are trying to point in your strategic marketing plan. For example, show them a brief survey so they would agree with your recommendations and conclusion. Through the use of such techniques, you will have the power to deliver a presentation that’s lively and interesting.

Another tip that you must not forget is to be specific during your presentation. You must also present particular information rather generalities. Rather than saying your business requires an increased sales, you must state the accurate percentage of what you desire with your sales. You can use diagrams and charts when demonstrating financial concepts so that your audience will be able to visualize the marketing ROI easily. For your audience to learn more about your plan, you may pass around some drafts of the new marketing materials for them to understand more about the advertising methods and messages.

Concentrating on the perks of your strategic marketing plan is also a vital part of your presentation. The reason behind it is that majority of your audience always think about what they would get once they gave their approval. Apart from the benefits, you should also focus on the plan’s outcome or results. Again, you should be specific so that your presentation will turn to be more powerful. By this, you can be assured that you will achieve success in presenting your strategic marketing plan.

Outstanding Achievements of Thomas Carnevale

Have a Thomas Carnevale Peek Here

Thomas Carnevale is the CEO and Founder of Sentry360 Security and according to him, 2014 is the year of reinvestment for their company in order to achieve their future goals, and 2015 is the year they’ll take the stage in making major advancements toward an innovation and the execution of their new sales model and channel.

The Experiences of Thomas Carnevale

February 2004 – Thomas Carnevale is an active consultant for Gerson Lehrman Group which is network of consultants, scientist, physicians, attorneys, engineers, market researches and many other professionals around the world. The council members have influenced the systems of GLG’s sophisticated proprietary in order to categorize their expertise and experience. The research professionals of GLG uses those kind of systems in order to quickly provide a more relevant council members to help their clients understand better their products, companies, issues, services and industries. The professionals of GLG in Europe, United States, and Asia are continuously expanding and increasing the councils of GLG by adding 1000 new council members every month. The research professionals worldwide are recruited in fourteen languages.

Have a Thomas Carnevale Peek Here

September 2004 – Starting from this day, Thomas Carnevale become the CEO and President of Sentry360 Security. Sentry 360 is the leading developer of the most advanced surveillance videos for security market. The Sentry 360’s immersive and innovative 360 degrees camera is a product line that delivers no moving parts and no blind spots for a complete awareness of the situation. He is also an independent scholar-level consultant on security technology at Gerson Lehrman Group.

Have a Thomas Carnevale Peek HereMarch 2010 – During these days, Thomas became an independent security technology consultant at Guidepoint Global, which is a primary research company that provides the business and investors decision-makers with an on-demand access of industry experts to its global network. This firm was established last 2003 as a company of clinical advisors, in November 2007, they changed the name of the company to reach a better communication to their services and expertise. Their clients are composed of the world’s leading strategy consultancies, private equity firms, hedge funds and mutual funds. Through the phone consultations, surveys, face to face meetings and data proprietary products, they are providing their clients a highly customized solutions of information in order for them to make a well-informed decisions.

Thomas Carnevale is truly an amazing individual in terms of his work, achievements and daily life. His story is really inspiring and for sure he will continue to achieve success in his life.

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho Known as the Brazilian Chancellor to the United States of America

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho
is popularly known as the Brazilian Chancellor to the United States of America. Among the great things to observe about Rojo Filho is his lifestyle. He is very different from others. He even bought a series of extravagant cars. As a result, he became known as a businessman. Apart from it, he also has his handful of airplanes that he used in his businesses. Actually, “Brazilian Chancellor to the USA” is a title that he is known for. Forbes analyzed his riches to $1 billion. This is beyond to compare to other wealth of influential people. He also supervised different businesses. There were incorporated in the financial schemes in different countries. He is concerned in many business dealings. The success of these dealings relies on with the great participation of his colleagues. They established a lot of businesses in Belgium, Panama and state of Florida. This was stated by the press releases and court documents. Nevertheless, the firms founded have no common assets. They have no addresses as well. If you want to know him more better, just check this site.

Daniel Fernandes Rojo FilhoWith these associations, he had the opportunity to open his various bank accounts. All of the funds are directed to these accounts. This is the main cause of his popularity. He is even known in the business world. He also kept a contact with many of the businessmen in the U.S, Europe and Latin America. While Guzman did not approve of being seen in public, Daniel Fernandes is exactly the opposite. He liked to be photographed most of the time. He wanted to be the best public figure. This way, he could be showered with praises by business colleagues. On social media and sites, he kept on posting his photos with private planes and luxurious vehicles. In addition, he really nicknamed himself as the “chancellor”. This was already discussed above. His official site indicates his role as a chancellor which is more focused on learning society and different style of teaching. This community is more concentrated on applying and finding out the true knowledge. And this knowledge helps in boosting the health state of Brazilians and other states.

His title is bestowed by a business and cultural association in Sao Paolo that gave the same titles to entertainment and business figures. But then , the nickname is not really connected with the government. With his accounts at the bank under his management, he finally made up his mind to manage his business dealings. He actually had his $29million worth of bank accounts, 9 luxurious cars and 294 gold bars. These all looked so impressive. As a business-oriented person, he actually is inspired in starting on his business projects. These are geared toward an improved economic state in America. For many individuals who are dedicated in starting up businesses and dealings, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho is a person worth idolizing for. Daniel Fernandes Filho just continued his dreams and beliefs that things go on his path. Knowing this man gives you the opportunity of taking your serious path.You can be most inspired about him and his business undertakings. He is idolized by a lot of people and truly, he is respected by many individuals.